Coffee shops are essential for college students! Whether you are hanging out with friends or cramming for a final, we have many options that will help you unwind or give you that extra energy for the work ahead! Springfield is home to some of the greatest coffee shops around! Each shop is unique and has its own vibe and culture. Even if you aren’t a fan of coffee, these spots have something for everyone to enjoy, and here are a few of our James River College student local favorites.


Eurasia Coffee & Tea

One of the all-time favorites picked by our students would be Eurasia Coffee & Tea! Eurasia is a local favorite due to not only its killer coffee but its inviting atmosphere. Eurasia Coffee & Tea has an environment that makes you want to wake up early on a Saturday, spend all day in the shop knocking out homework, buying coffee, and all the while taking a picture or two for the gram. What makes Eurasia even more amazing is the heart behind the company. Eurasia gives back 10% of all sales to rotating organizations in Eurasia that helps people in need. Not only are you helping yourself to a cup of coffee, you are also changing the world alongside Eurasia. Whatever you choose, Eurasia Coffee and Tea brings excellence in every drink they make and new person they meet.

Must try: Rosewater Latte


Kingdom Coffee

Another coffee legend in Springfield is Kingdom Coffee. Kingdom is one of my personal favorites, not based on coffee alone, but also in the social atmosphere. Customer service is a crucial selling point, and let me tell you, they know how to take care of their customers. On my first trip to Kingdom, the barista asked me if I had ever been before, explained the shop, asked for my name, and made sure I was taken care of well. Through that experience I came back a second time and when I did, they knew me by name. You are more than a customer at Kingdom Coffee. In addition to their outstanding service, they are a Christian owned company. They use their space as a platform for “kingdom” ministry. There are nights where they bring different musicians in for an acoustic session, so as people are coming in to get coffee, they are also walking into an opportunity to be ministered to! Kingdom’s coffee has for sure saved me a time or two when I needed some extra energy for mid- terms and finals week. Their Americano drink will for sure get you in gear for homework, and the rest of your day!

Must try: Americano


The Coffee Ethic

In the heart of Springfield’s downtown square, we find The Coffee Ethic. The Coffee Ethic’s inviting atmosphere and busy downtown life makes it a great spot to unwind, read a book, or knock out a few assignments. What sets the Coffee Ethic apart is that they roast everything in house. They work hard to bring in ethically sourced, high quality coffee, and to provide services that match the quality of their product! The Coffee Ethic is known for their batch brew and their house blend. If you love great coffee, and a busy atmosphere then you will love The Coffee Ethic. Not only is the coffee amazing, but the location sets you up with a great starting point to have a great night out when you are done studying. It’s a win-win-win if you think about it!

Must try: House Blend


Architect Coffee Company

The newest addition to the list is the famous Architect Coffee Company! Architect has been open for only a couple months now, yet they have made huge strides making their coffee shop a fan favorite! With its relaxed atmosphere, vibrant community, and high-quality customer service, Architect demonstrates their five-star attitude in everything they do. Architect’s coffee comes from the famous Verve Roasters from Santa Cruz, California, bringing the best West Coast coffee to the Midwest. A popular fan favorite is called The Architect. The Architect is a vanilla and caramel latte with Himalayan pink salt. Trust me you have not lived till you have had this drink! As well, Architect is known for their stellar breakfast food and desserts. From their scratch made brown sugar Pop-Tarts, to the famous Jenna Cake cupcakes, Architect will have you craving something sweet to go with your cup of coffee.

Must try: The Architect


Coffee shops are by far a highlight of the college vibe in Springfield. It’s more than just getting coffee, its community, new friendships, conversations, and crucial study times that you will always remember. I personally have so many memories throughout college at coffee shops and that is what makes them special to me. Some of the greatest lessons on leadership and life were started with two cups of coffee. If you have the chance, grab a friend who loves coffee, pick a shop, and go start making memories that, trust me, you will never forget!