Pastoral Leadership

Change the lives of thousands through our Pastoral Leadership Practicum.

Expert Mentorship

We want to help each student grow in the gifts God has given to them! This practicum enables our students to work alongside the world-class leaders and pastors of James River Church, teaching students how to develop their pastoral leadership skills and how to make a difference in the lives of others.

“I never have a day when I do not want to go to practicum.”

– Daniel Swickard

Adult Ministries

Adult ministries, where students are a part of changing lives of people by leading them to Jesus and helping them grow in their new found relationship with Him.

Reach the Lost

Students participate weekly in leading the thousands who make decisions for Christ through our altar team.

Disciple New Believers

Students assist pastors in baptizing new believers and helping them start their new life in Christ.

Connect People to the Church

Students learn how to create community at church through Life Groups and Grow Track.

Assist in Leading Events

Whether it’s weekly services or the Stronger Men’s Conference, students help make it happen from planning to promotion.


Missions gives students the opportunity to assist in local and global community projects.

One Heart

The One Heart ministry at James River serves our community by offering groceries and personal items for those in need.

Community Outreach

Community Care has the opportunity to love our city through outreaches and social service projects, such as disaster relief and homeless shelters.

Serving the Church

Our students enjoy being a part of meeting the needs of people when they are experiencing financial or personal difficulty.

Support Needs of Missionaries

Our students are able to be a part of the ongoing support James River provides to many active missionaries around the globe through personal interviews.

Change The World
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All practicums take place at James River Church.