Expert Mentorship

James River Church is a national leader in youth ministries, impacting thousands of students through services and events every week. In this practicum, our students have the opportunity to serve alongside our youth pastors who are passionate about pouring into them and teaching them how to impact younger students.

“James River Youth practicum has given me hands on experience that has completely transformed my leadership. From learning how to disciple students to practicing how to preach a sermon on stage, the youth practicum has grown me not only in my calling but in my relationship with God.”

Tucker Lytle

Message Preparation

See how our youth pastors prepare and preach Bible sermons.

Volunteers & Guests

Be a part of coordinating volunteers and hosting guests at James River Youth.

Service Planning

In the Youth Practicum, you learn how to plan, organize, and execute services and events.


Through Life Groups, you are able to disciple students in a small group setting.

Change the World

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All practicums take place at James River Church.