Discover what you love to do and exactly who your Creator designed you to be through a practicum that fits you. In practicums, you will be equipped to lead, connected with amazing leaders, and build lifelong relationships.

My two years as a student at James River College were some of the most influential and transformational years of my life. I can say with confidence that my time at James River was essential in preparing me to take on leadership at an early age. James River College changed my life.

Kasper Ball, Class of 2018
Faith Church

One of the biggest areas that I grew in while I was a part of James River College was my love for Jesus.

Theo Ryan, Class of 2014
High & Young Adult School Pastor, Radiant Church in AZ

At James River College, I was able to walk into full-time vocational ministry having years of experience which better helped me lead.

Josh Dryer, Class of 2011
Family Life Pastor, Spring Creek Assembly in OK

Every aspect of James River College is about raising up a generation of world-changing leaders.

World-Class Speakers

Here are some of the amazing speakers our students are hearing from!

Louie Giglio

Chris Hodges

Earl McClellan

Bill Johnson

Chad Veach

Oneka McClellan

Lisa Harper

Levi Lusko

Rich Wilkerson Jr.

Tim Timberlake